Bespoke Silver Sporran Project

Bespoke Silver Sporran ProjectBespoke Silver Sporran Project – One of our old piping friends came to us with an idea to use a fine vintage sterling silver sporran cantle that once belonged to a late great of the piping world. He had an idea to replicate a sporran made in … Read More

Scottish Regimental TOS Bonnets

Scottish Regimental TOS Bonnets. In the First World War, a khaki Balmoral bonnet was introduced in 1915 for wear in the trenches by Scottish infantry serving on the Western Front. This came to be known as the ‘bonnet, tam o’ shanter’, later abbreviated among military personnel to ‘ToS’. Unlike the … Read More

Royal Family Edwardian Photographs – Magic Lantern Slides

Royal Family Edwardian Photographs – Magic Lantern Slides. We were recently lucky enough to purchase a collection of what we consider to have been private Magic Lantern slides belonging to the royal household from circa 1903-05. The feature images of the family at Balmoral Estate in the Highlands of Scotland, … Read More

Keepers Tweed TOS Bonnet – Labhran Highland Style

Keepers Tweed TOS Bonnet – Tam O Shanter Bonnet. In 1960’s – 1980’s this style was worn by the Scottish regiments in plain khaki. We looked at many of the Victorian and Edwardian photos from the Western Isles and decided to bring back the style, but in one of our … Read More

Scottish Goats Hair Sporrans

19th C Style Bespoke Designed Scottish Goats Hair Sporrans – We design bespoke sporran molach ( hair sporrans) for clients around the world using new and vintage sporran cantles. Much of our inspiration comes from the fine sporrans of the 19th and early 20th centuries. In particular we reference the … Read More

Scottish Highland Royal Court Dress Code

Scottish Highland Royal Court Dress CodeScottish Highland Royal Court Dress Code – We have had various discussions over the years about the history of civilian court dress ( not court uniform or military dress uniform ). Recently the subject came up again in a Facebook post of ours, so we … Read More

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