Edinburgh Vintage Scottish Silver Whisky Quaich

Edinburgh Vintage Scottish Silver Whisky Quaich1968 Edinburgh Vintage Scottish Silver Whisky Quaich – Pure classic style Edinburgh vintage silver whisky quaich made by Francis Howard. The Francis Howard company was formed on the 25th January 1870, after Francis Howard left his partnership in William Batt and Sons. A perfect vintage silver … Read More

Scottish Whisky Toasts

Scottish Whisky Toasts – Now you might be think about having a dram or two over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Most of us will be happy with a simple ‘ Sláinte ‘ toast. The basic Scottish Gaelic is slàinte (mhath), meaning “good health” , to which the normal response is do dheagh shlàinte “your good … Read More

1872 Scottish 19th Century Victorian Antique Whisky Quaich

1872 Scottish 19th Century Victorian Antique Whisky Quaich1872 Scottish 19th Century Victorian Antique Whisky Quaich Wonderful 19th Century Victorian whisky quaich in turned wood. This may have been a prize or christening present as it is engraved The quaich measures 4 x 2.25 inches , there are some chips / … Read More

Scottish Antique Whisky Quaich

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Scottish Whisky Silver & CollectablesScottish Antique Whisky Quaich – As we are based on Speyside in the heart of Malt Whisky Country we are surrounded by some of the finest whisky distilleries in the world. We have offer a range of antique and collectible Scottish whisky collectibles in addition to our … Read More

Culloden – Drumossie Moor & The MacLaren Clan

On 16 April 1746, the final Jacobite Rising came to a brutal head in one of the most harrowing battles in British history. Jacobite supporters, seeking to restore the Stuart monarchy to the British thrones, gathered to fight the Duke of Cumberland’s government troops. It was the last pitched battle … Read More

Labhran Kilt Style Blog

Labhran Kilt Style BlogLabhran Kilt Style Blog – Our Labhran style blog will bring you a regular posts and articles with our thoughts and ideas for Scottish Gentlemen, Dandies and Rogues. Featuring our news and views on kilts, tweeds tartans and vintage – antique Highland wear finds. Enjoy the posts … Read More