We love to buy vintage and antique Highland dress accessories and Scottish regimental items from collections in the UK. If you have something you wish to sell we would love to hear from you. Sadly we cannot import items from overseas due to import costs.

The things we will require is a description of the item, age, condition. We will then look at getting some photos from you to assess the item and if we would be interested adding the item to our selection.

So what are we interested in? Vintage sporrans, plaid brooches, sgian dubhs, kilt belt buckles, kilt pins and Scottish regimental badges and accoutrements.

We are not interested buying. Old kilts, kilt jackets and clothing.

Insurance valuations. We are not able to give valuations on clients collections for insurance purposes etc.

So if you have an antique sporran or badge collection you are looking to sell please send us an email with details. We would love to hear from you.



Original Circa 1745 Jacobite Sporran
Vintage Silver Sgian Dubh - 1914 Celtic Wilson & Sharp Edinburgh
Scottish regimental badges and insignia