Scottish Bespoke Jacobite Style Sporrans
Scottish sterling silver Hamilton & Inches sgian dubh

Bespoke Highland Dress Projects

Since 1998 The House of Labhran have designed hand crafted Scottish sporrans, bespoke silver sgian dubhs, Scottish bagpipe banners and regimental insignia for clients around the world. If you have a bespoke idea you would like to discuss with us, then why not send us an email.

We also supply a wide range of high quality Scottish Highland officers military kilt hose, Sterling silver regimental sgian dubhs and made to measure hand stitched regimental military kilts. Our range includes Scottish glengarry badges, Pipe Major's waist belt buckles, sporrans, Gaelic knot kilt bows, sgian dubh's and bagpipe and drum insignia. We supply fine Scottish made military issue glengarry hats and bonnets are paired with regimental feather hackles as supplied to the Scottish regiments.

The House of Labhran are proud to have supplied to the Scottish Highland Regiments, Canadian Regiments, US Army, USAF, Fire & Rescue Depts, Military Academy Bands, RAF, ATC, Police, Scottish & Irish Flute Bands, Royal British Legion, Parachute Regiment and British army. 

As a supplier and manufacturer of re-created Victorian, Edwardian and 20th century regimental insignia and accoutrements, attention to historical accuracy and detail is very important.

Based in the Highlands of Scotland, if you have a project you need help with we would love to hear from you.

Vintage Pattern Highlanders Sporran - Hand Finished Aged Leather
goat hair bespoke sporran
vintage leather jacobite style sporran mail order direct from The House of Labhran Scotland