Scottish Highland Wear & Regimental Showcase At the House of Labhran all our range is traditionally tailored in Scotland. We offer some of the finest tartan clan and regimental kilts, trews and kilt jackets in fine wools, tweeds and velvets. From classic Prince Charlie jackets and doublets to classic Haggarts, Harris & Ettrick tweed Argyle jackets and waistcoats. When it comes to Highland wear accessories our range is second to none. Our classic quality wool Scottish Glengarries, Balmorals, Tam O Shanters have been made here in Scotland since 1845 and can be adorned with one of our antique or vintage clan badges. We design wonderful new bespoke sporrans for clients and source an stunning range of pre loved vintage sporrans and silver sgian dubhs.

Labhran Kilt Style Blog

Labhran Kilt Style Blog - Our Labhran style blog will bring you a regular posts and articles with our thoughts and ideas for Scottish Gentlemen, Dandies and Rogues. Featuring our news and views on kilts, tweeds tartans and vintage - antique Highland wear finds. Enjoy the posts and check back regularly for the latest posts. Share our passion for Scottish national dress.

We hope you will be interested by our articles and thoughts and ideas on Scottish vintage Highland dress, antique sgian dubhs, vintage sporrans, Scottish keepers tweeds, vintage kilt style, regimental insignia and accoutrements . We hope you enjoy the posts and check back regularly for the latest posts.

The House of Labhran has worked on film, theatre and television projects including: The National Theatre of Scotland-The Black Watch, The English National Opera, Warner Brothers Film, The Age, Billy Budd, Wonder Women, The Four Feathers, The Crown, Victoria and Abdul and many more.

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Feather Hackles – Regimental Traditions

Feather Hackles – Regimental TraditionsFeather Hackles – Regimental Traditions. The hackle is a clipped feather plume that is attached to a military headdress. In the British Army and the armies of some Commonwealth countries, the hackle is worn by some infantry regiments, especially those designated as fusilier regiments and those with Scottish and Northern Irish origins. The colour of the hackle varies from regiment to regiment. The … Read More

Crail & Argyll Velvet Kilt Jacket

Crail & Argyll Velvet Kilt JacketThe Crail and Argyll velvet kilt jacket has been around in various forms since the mid nineteenth century. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales was photographed in 1868 in an early version of the velvet Argyll jacket and matching waistcoat.  At The House of Labhran Scottish … Read More

Atholl Highlanders Kilt Garters – Period Style Red Garter Flashes

Atholl Highlanders Kilt Garters – Period Style Red Garter FlashesAtholl Highlanders Kilt Garters – Period Style Red Garter Flashes – Period style classic red worsted garter as worn by the regiment. Supplied with an elastic easy kilt garter. Hand made for that correct period look required by re enactors and … Read More

Vintage Style Laird’s Sporran – Featuring vintage brass cantle

Vintage Style Laird’s Sporran – Featuring vintage brass cantle Vintage style Laird’s sporran featuring an original vintage brass sporran cantle. We had a wonderful brass vintage 1920’s sporran cantle that we have used to design a sporran based on an original worn by and still used by one of the … Read More

Victorian Tie Kilt Garter Flashes – 1890’s Highland Style

Victorian Tie Kilt Garter FlashesVictorian Tie Kilt Garter Flashes as worn in the 1890’s and how to tie them. A while ago we launched a self tie kilt garter flash based on the original set we have in our collection that dates from 1890’s and belonged to the Earl of … Read More

Silver Officers Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Sgian Dubh

Silver Officers Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Sgian DubhSilver Officers Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Sgian Dubh – Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders regimental hallmarked sterling silver sgian dubh – Classic regimental Sgian Dubh in great used vintage condition. With a stone set hilt mounted on the carved blackwood hilt bearing … Read More

Victorian Style Kilt Jacket & Waistcoat

1880’s Victorian Style Kilt Jacket & WaistcoatVictorian style kilt jacket and waistcoat. A recent tailoring project for a client saw us referencing an original photo of a Highland gentleman circa 1880. The style of the late Victorian period was that it was worn done up on the top button ( … Read More

Antique Sgian Dubh by MacKay & Chisholm Edinburgh

Antique Sgian DubhAntique sgian dubh by MacKay & Chisholm Edinburgh. Fine Scottish sgian dubh has a deep carved basket weave black wood handle and engraved hallmarked silver mounts. The end of the hilt is mounted with a cairngorm type stone. made by Mackay & Chisholm of Edinburgh with a sterling … Read More

Royal Family Edwardian Photographs – Magic Lantern Slides

Royal Family Edwardian Photographs – Magic Lantern Slides. We were recently lucky enough to purchase a collection of what we consider to have been private Magic Lantern slides belonging to the royal household from circa 1903-05. The feature images of the family at Balmoral Estate in the Highlands of Scotland, … Read More

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