Scottish Antique Whisky Toddy Ladles

Scottish Antique Whisky Toddy Ladles

Scottish Antique Whisky Toddy Ladles - One of the first antique treen toddy ladles we found was nearly 20 years ago in a box with a set of antique Malcolm MacGregor bagpipes from 1811. The bowl was split but it still had a great charm. Since then we have kept an eye open for these delicate treen toddy ladles.

At times the wood is split of nibbled by time and use but they have a great history and quality about them and a link to a whisky of the past.

The word "toddy" comes from the toddy drink in India, produced by fermenting the sap of palm trees. Its earliest known use to mean "a beverage made of alcoholic liquor with hot water, sugar, and spices" is from 1786. However a few other sources credit Dr. Robert Bentley Todd for his prescription of a hot drink of brandy, canella (white cinnamon), sugar syrup and water. And hence is called a "Hot toddy"

In Scotland the toddy became a whisky based drink with a mixture of various spices, honey, water etc. In the case of one Scottish cold remedy I have heard involved steeping an onion in your whisky and hot water. Sorry but that is a step in the wrong direction. Whisky, honey, ginger and hot water will suit for the winter cold for us. 

Scottish Whisky Silver & Collectibles – As we are based on Speyside in the heart of Malt Whisky Country we are surrounded by some of the finest whisky distilleries in the world. We have offer a range of antique and collectible Scottish whisky collectables in addition to our fine hand crafted sterling silver whisky quaich range.

A quaich is a shallow two-handled drinking cup or bowl from Scotland. It derives from the Scottish Gaelic cuach meaning a cup. We source a wide range of Scottish Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian whisky collectibles for our collectors. Sourcing whisky noggins, quaich, decanter silver wear and dram measures.  We also run a free wants list, so if you are looking for a particular item why not add it to our lists. Email us with details.

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