Vintage Clan Cameron Badges

Clan Cameron

Over the years we have sourced many vintage Cameron clan badges and crest. We have added a few of the versions to a gallery for reference

Clan Crest: (old): A dexter arm embowed in armour, the hand grasping a sword, all proper, encircled by a belt and buckle.
(current): A sheaf of five arrows, proper, tied with a band, gules, encircled by a belt and buckle.

Cameron clan motto: (old): Mo Righ 's Mo Dhuchaich (For King and Country). - ‘ Pro Rege Et Patria ‘.
(current): Aonaibh Ri Chéile (Let Us Unite).

Clan War Cry: Chlanna nan con thigibh a so's gheibh sibh feoil (Sons Of The Hounds, Come Hither And Get Flesh)

Central to the Clan Cameron crest are five arrows, “united” with one another with a gules ribbon or band.  This crest goes back to before 1745, when it supplemented the old “dexter arm” crest (which was still used interchangeably with the Five Arrows into the mid-twentieth century.  These two crests, and their mottos on the surrounding strap, may be used by clansmen to denote their clan affiliation.

Clan Cameron is a West Highland Scottish clan, with one main branch Lochiel, and numerous cadet branches. The Clan Cameron lands are in Lochaber and within their lands lies Ben Nevis which is the highest mountain in the British Isles.The Chief of the clan is customarily referred to as simply "Lochiel".

The origins of Clan Cameron are uncertain and there are several theories. A manuscript of the clan says that it is old tradition that the Camerons were originally descended from the son of the royal family of Denmark who assisted the restoration of King Fergus II of Scotland, and that their progenitor was called Cameron from his crooked nose (Scottish Gaelic: cam-shròn[ˈkʰamaɾɔːn]) – such nicknames were and are common in Gaelic culture, and that his dependants then adopted the name. Another possible origin is that Donal Dubh, the first chief of Clan Cameron was descended either from the Macgillonies or, the medieval family of Cameron of Ballegarno in Fife.

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Cameron clan chief 1903 with wonderful Scottish Wildcat sporran
Cameron clan chief 1903 with wonderful Scottish Wildcat sporran
Vintage Clan Cameron Badges - Scottish clan badges
Antique 1910 Clan Cameron Glengarry Badge - Variation with down pointing arrows.
1960's Clan Cameron Glengarry Badge
Cameron clan watercolour - John Chisholm, Colin Stewart Cameron, John Cameron portraits by Kenneth Macleay.
1940's Clan Cameron Glengarry Badge
Vintage Cameron Clan Silver Plated 1940’s Scottish Badge
1940's Clan Cameron Glengarry Badge