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Balmoral Highlanders uniform and accoutrements
The Balmoral Highlanders were originally Queen Victoria's staff on the Balmoral estate and the uniform consisted of just a jacket and Royal Stewart tartan kilt. The Queens piper wore the Balmoral tartan. Edward the VII decided to develop the uniform and commissioned a complete Highland uniform for his piper and 24 "men-at-arms". William Robb of Ballater was commissioned to make the original silver accoutrements in 1903. The silver wear was hallmarked Edinburgh 1903 and with his makers mark of William Robb of Ballater.
Balmoral Highlanders Uniform
The Balmoral Highlanders uniform is based around the Royal Stewart tartan. The glengarry badge was crafted in silver with the crest of the King in Scotland within a garter with the motto "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit". The jacket buttons  were also in silver buttons with the Royal crest. In addition to the jacket accoutrements the Balmoral Highlanders wore a goat's hair sporran with a belt buckle and shoe buckles to match the cantle.
The Royal piper at Balmoral.
The king's piper at Balmoral wore Balmoral tartan kilt with matched underwear trews and full pipers plaid and matched tartan full hose. Instead of the glengarry the piper wears a Balmoral bonnet with the matched glengarry badge. The pipers uniform also consisted of  leather brogues with silver buckles, leather waist belt and crossbelt with large silver buckles, silver mounted sporran bearing the royal crest, plaid brooch, silver mounted dirk with companion knife and fork and silver mounted skean dubh, all decorated with Celtic strap work en suite. A gem set powder horn and silver arm plate all decorated with the royal crest complete the uniform.
Today the Queen has a piper who wears the Balmoral Highlanders uniform at Balmoral who plays for her majesty when the official military Queen's piper is not at the castle. He is also a worker on the estate and at this time (2017 ) he is also the estate painter at the castle.
We have added a selection of our photos from the castle.
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Balmoral Highlanders Uniform Silver Buckle