Styling your tweed kilt jackets for the season

Styling your tweed kilt jackets for the season - Anyone who knows us would say we have a passion for Scottish tweed. The wonderful Estate tweeds we work with are so versatile and can be used for a wide range of styles. From classic Argyle kilt jackets and waistcoats, to doublets and country shooting suits, perfect for that day on the hill or river.

We have created a gallery of some of our past projects and mixed them up with some vintage photographs to show the inspiration behind our tweed jackets and waistcoats.

Hand crafted by our tailors in Scotland - To see the full range of tweeds click here

Scottish Tweeds – The House of Labhran source classic Harris tweeds and keepers tweeds and we have been weaving some of the finest tweeds in Scotland suppling many Highland estates. We have a classic range of heavy weight keepers tweeds that can be made into some timeless classic country clothing perfect for that day in the field or on the hill. We offer a wonderful range of Labhran tweeds woven in Scotland for Estate and shooting wear.

We specialise in creating a range of bespoke shooting garments and Highland jackets to suit any occasion. Our tailor works to bring personal details to suit your requirements.

Balmoral Tweed Kilt Doublet & Waistcoat

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  1. Curtis Manchester
    | Reply

    I love your classic styled tweed kilt jackets and waistcoats! I’m going to have to start saving now so I can afford one next year. Please add me to you email lists!

    Aloha from Hawai’i,


    • House of Labhran
      | Reply

      Thank you for your comments. You can sign up to the blog on the website. However, we do not believe in sending out lots of marketing emails, so you will just get the blog notifications which we hope you will find interesting.

      If we can help in any way send us an email, we will be glad to help.

  2. Paul Legge
    | Reply

    Good day, I was curious if you are familiar with and could copy the jacket and vest that G.S. Maclennan wears for his individual piping? I have a great photo if needed.

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