William Duff – Atholl Man

William Duff Atholl Man

William Duff Atholl Man - Ghillie, Gardener, Fiddler, Flyfisher, Violin Maker

Willie Duff Born 1810 - Died 1892 Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland.

Willie Duff was a notable ghillie, gardener and estate worker at the Blair Atholl Estate and amateur maker of violins, known locally as ‘Bearded Willie’. He was a large man of 6' 3" in his bonnet adorned with a Lorne brooch. A multi talented he worked Atholl estate of the 5th Duke and known for being an excellent fishermen, game keeper and friend of Queen Victoria. For a time and lived in Loch Ordie Lodge on the estate.

Willie Duff Violin Maker

They said of his violins. He was large man whose work is very coarse. Stainer model, usually painted purfling, made in primitive style with ‘through’ neck, rather than a separate interior top block. Yellow spirit varnish. He also made and rehaired bows using hair from horses in the Estate’s stables.

William Duff - Ghillie, Atholl Man

Willie Duff

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