Scottish Bagpipe Drone Ribbons – Made to order

Scottish Bagpipe Drone Ribbons

Scottish Clan, Regimental & Area Tartan Bagpipe Drone Ribbons

Bagpipe Drone ribbons have been around for centuries and used by clan pipers and regimental pipers alike. The origin of the drone ribbon has been lost but may well have come about when the second drone was first added to the bagpipe. In Scotland these developed into strips of tartan although plain ribbons have been used for funerals and other events.

We make two side five yard centred set with velcro fastenings. We also offer drone ribbons in two tartan regimental patterns.

All hand made to order in Scotland approx 2-3 weeks.

Check out the shop selection and email us about bespoke options.

Scottish Bagpipe Drone Ribbons 
KOSB regimental bagpipe drone ribbons
Scottish Clan, Regimental & Area Tartan Bagpipe Drone Ribbons
Two Tartan Regimental Bagpipe Tartan Drone Ribbons
KOSB Pipe Major

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