Bespoke Designed Scottish Goats Hair Sporran – for a California wedding

Bespoke designed Scottish goats hair sporran for a California wedding
We recently had an email from a lovely couple in California that are getting married in a couple of months. The were very excited about the idea of creating a bespoke goat hair dress sporran for the big day. Our team worked through various ideas and designs and created a wonderful new sporran based on an old Atholl Highlanders Pipe Major's pattern with a variation on the cantle with a thistle badge on the leather insert.
The back of the sporran has been engraved with the grooms name so the sporran will be part of the family history for the future.  The completed project with be paired with one of our hand crafted silver H&I sgian dubhs and a bespoke sterling silver waist belt plate.

We design bespoke sporrans for clients using new and vintage sporran cantles. Our range of fine quality Scottish goat hair sporrans are hand made in Scotland.

Bespoke designed sporrans with a range of cantles and metal work and the goat hair body measures a perfectly respectable 14 – 16″ long.   (This being the longest we can “stretch” the goat hair to!)  To make this sporran as functional as possible, it has a very high quality leather back; and the large gusset sporran pocket, which is lined in chamois leather.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Made to order approx 4 weeks

goat hair bespoke sporran
Bespoke Scottish Goats Hair Sporrans
bespoke goat hair dress sporran