Vintage Highland Gentleman Kilts – Sporran Style

Curated vintage Highland gentleman kilts - sporran style. We have curated another wonderful group vintage and antique Highland dress photographs. Some in true Victorian style taken in the studio. Others from the early 20th century taken outside at Highland Games and gatherings. These make a wonderful reference source and show a wide range of sporrans from the Victorian and Edwardian periods. From simple brown leather 18th century style sporrans, through a wide range of full mask otter and badger head sporrans. To full dress goat hair and horsehair sporrans with silver cantles.


For our current stock of vintage sporrans please visit the Vintage sporran department.

We have offer a range of  Scottish sporrans and much loved pre owned sporrans to complete your outfit or add to your collection. The stock range is ever changing with fine vintage sporrans from the 18th - 20th centuries. From original antique Jacobite sporrans from the 45 to Victorian and Edwardian sporrans. 

Over the years antique and vintage Scottish sporrans has become very collectable and highly sought after. We pride ourselves in bringing you some of the best of Scotland's sporrans and craftsmanship from the past. 

We also run a Free Sporran Wants List Service so if you have a sporran you are looking for please email us and we will contact you with details of any stock that comes in before it goes to the website.