Bespoke Charles Rennie Macintosh Sporrans

Bespoke Charles Rennie Macintosh Sporrans

We recently worked on a project for two bespoke Charles Rennie Macintosh sporrans for clients. The sporrans were to be for a wedding that is taking place in the Charles Rennie Macintosh designed church in Glasgow. These sporran featured a CRM inspired leather tooling design that we design and then engraved into the leather.

The first sporran used a vintage fur pelt and ox blood stained leather to tie in with the grooms shoe colour. The second sporran was in an antiqued leather and also engraved with a bespoke design.

Bespoke sporrans designed and made to order

Our range of fine quality Scottish bespoke sporrans are designed and hand crafted here in Scotland. We use vintage pelts and vintage sporran cantles to create one off sporrans for clients around the world. We create designs to engrave and tool into fine leathers and combine with a selection of furs.

All the skins used for making our sporrans are ethically sourced, and are vintage remodelled skins and masks, road kill, or have died a natural death. Any protected species will have any required license numbers stamped in to the back of the sporran..

If you have an idea for a sporran from a leather day sporran to a full dress goats hair sporran please email us with your ideas. We will then design something to suit your requirements and then hand craft it in fine hides, furs and horsehair or goats hair.

Bespoke Charles Rennie Macintosh Sporrans

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