Antique Vintage Engraved Thistle Horsehair Sporran

Antique Vintage Engraved Thistle Horsehair Sporran
Vintage 1910 - 1920 Engraved Thistle Horsehair Sporran. With engraved cantle featuring thistle designs with a leather backing. Three black hair tassels on a ivory horsehair body. Small leather back pocket.

Antique – Vintage Scottish Sporrans. We have offer a range of Scottish sporrans and much loved pre owned sporrans to complete your outfit or add to your collection. The stock range is ever changing with fine vintage sporrans from the 18th – 20th centuries. From original antique Jacobite sporrans from the 45 to Victorian and Edwardian sporrans.

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A Sporran is a pouch (Scottish Gaelic for ‘purse’). Now a decorative part of Highland dress, it was originally an everyday  practical item. Made of leather or fur, it usually has more or less elaborate silver or other ornamentation, especially on the clasp or hanger. It is worn on a chain or belt around the waist, allowing the sporran to lie below the waist of the person wearing a kilt.


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