Balmoral Tartan – The Royal Tartan

Balmoral Tartan – The Royal Tartan

This is the original Balmoral as designed by Queen Victoria’s husband. Prince Albert in 1853. While predominantly grey with overchecks of red and black the background contains threads of black and white yarns twisted together to achieve the appearance of the rough hewn granite so familiar in Royal Deeside.

It is worn by HM Queen herself as a skirt and several members of the Royal Family but only with the Queen’s permission. The only other approved wearer of the Balmoral Tartan is the Queen’s personal piper ( today the Estate workers and Ghillies wear the Balmoral Tweed).

D W Stewart wrote in ‘Old and Rare Scottish Tartans’ (1893), ‘Her Majesty the Queen has not only granted permission for its publication here, but has also graciously afforded information concerning its inception in the early years of the reign, when the sett was designed by the Prince Consort.’ There is also a smaller sett that was woven for the children’s clothes. Checked against original cloth sample woven by Kinloch Anderson, holders of the Royal Warrant. The Balmoral was originally woven only by Romanes & Paterson of Edinburgh.

Tartan Details – Balmoral (Royal)

The information held within The Scottish Register of Tartans for the “Balmoral (Royal)” tartan is shown below.  

STA ref: 1300

STWR ref: 1300

Designer: Albert, Prince Consort

Tartan date: 01/01/1853

Registration date: Not Specified

Category: Royal

Restrictions: Yes.

Balmoral Tartan – The Royal Tartan

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